Download online cab booking system project code report and ppt

Chapter 8 Customer query management system Security. Customer query management system project Report. Feasibility Report - Consumer query management system project. Estate Agent Management System project report.

Web Based Claim Processing system project report. Proposed car booking management system Functionalities and advantages of proposed car booking management system are: This Car booking system is an online system and all data is centralized which has overcome the Sharing problem in previous system. We provide free registration for the cab owners. And we proved free service to users who want to book a car or cab.

As data is maintained online, it is easy for a person to update the details, which has overcome the tedious updating in previous system. Car booking management is easy and performance is good. Here the traveller can book a cab, taxi and car by viewing all the cab details and pricing details available, according to selected city and area. It is the reliable service provided to both customers and travel agencies.

Mainly the system has automated the Transportation Process. Net; Cab Booking Management. Apartment Management System. Group bookings: Allows the customer to book space for a group in the case of weeding or corporate parties or meetings. Cab Search- Users can search cab for a particular location online. To book a car use has to login the system. Registration Process- User must be registered before booking a cab. Before booking a car user have to enter his contact information like name, address, and mobile number.

Only a valid user can login the system and book the car by giving his picking up place and drop off place. All the data supply by the user will be stored in database and it will be used for further validations and authenticated. Login names and password will be stored in the database. It useful for car booking agency that are specialized in Hiring cabs to customers.

Using this system many car-booking agency are moving ahead to become a pioneer in the vehicle rental industry by completely focusing on customers. Using this system it is very easy for customer to book a car online and car-booking agency can also track their booking online.This Online Cab Booking project deals with an online system designed for booking cabs as per the requirements of the customers at their convenience.

Free Download PHP Project Railway Reservation System

The current system is manual and it is time-consuming. It is also cost-ineffective, and the average return is low and diminishing. We give customer satisfaction the utmost priority and so give ample options to book cab by entering details like their journey date and time, origin, pick-up point, destination and the drop-off point they need to reach.

Existing Online Cab Booking project system requires lots of physical and mental efforts as cabs are booked manually on call. Many chances of human errors such as wrong entry of journey date, time and location are recorded manually in a register by an employee thereby increasing chances of misregistration. No clear communication among drivers, passengers and the office leading to a denial of service.

Punctuality is not maintained and faster accessibility of cabs is not possible due to traffic and miscommunication issues. Maintaining and assigning responsibilities to the cab drivers by the service providers becomes difficult in the long run. The proposed Online Cab Booking project system ensures that the users can book the cab as per their requirements by logging on to the website.

It allows users to book their cabs online, manage their bookings and cancel their bookings at any point of time. The users will get notified about the driver and his mobile no. Regular updates are provided to the customer so that they are aware of their bookings, driver details, and booking status. It enhances business processes since it makes use of internet technology to increase their profits.

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Net Project.Implemented using ASP. NET and SQL serverthis project aims at managing overall car services by handling finance, human resource, maintenance and movement in addition to details of customers, employees, payment and cabs. The complete source code, project synopsis, database, screenshots, and other necessary project files of this project are available in the download link. Detailed project report, documentation, and ppt are not available at the moment, so refer the description below as a general abstract of this project.

Car and bus travel agencies need an effective management platform for handling their respective transportation services.

The existing system relies on manual data recording for management which is very tedious and time consuming, involving a lot of manpower and paper work.

So, the current system need to be computerized and web-based. The proposed cab service management system is a web-based application which can handle a variety of branches and departmental works of a typical car agency.

In case of car rental services, this sort of system stands out as trustworthy and reliable in the travel business. This project aims at offering the best of car services to clients in need.

download online cab booking system project code report and ppt

It has a fleet of cars ranging from normal budget cabs to expensive luxury cars. A good feature of a web-based system such as this is that it offers online cab hire for corporate houses.

This makes the overall car service work easily accessible for all and reliable as well. Cab management system is a five-modules project; each module is assigned with different functionality, access, and permission.

Admin: Administrator or admin has total control over the application.

download online cab booking system project code report and ppt

They can add managers of any kind, set up their profiles, and add, delete, or modify manager records. They can have an overview of all managers from different locations and directly communicate with them. Admin is required to log in to the system with a unique user id consisting of username and password. Finance: All works under this module are handled by finance manager.

They can modify personal settings like passwords, update profiles, and update vehicle billing details to the system database. Human Resource: This module is handle by human resource manager and is used for managing employee related tasks. The main forms in this module are:. Travel: This module is maintained by travel manager who is assigned with the task of looking after routes, batches, and employees assigned to that route with details such as date and timing.

The main forms in this module are city information or route and placesshift details of each drive, and search. With the search form, users can search for different routes for different places and find out the corresponding distance and cost.

Maintenance: This main function of this module is to look after vehicle maintenance such as spare parts, vehicle allocation, etc. This module is handled by a maintenance manager and they can perform tasks such as add, modify, and delete vendor details and update these to the database. The manager can view details of vehicle as well as the driver.

NET Projects. Cab service management system is a very effective, efficient, reliable and economic web application from all aspects. It fulfills all the current needs of a client when it comes to car rental services. The proposed project is very flexible, so new features and modules can be added in the future as per user requirements.Online movie booking system is a web portal where you can book tickets in advanceknow your movie show timing, watch movie trailer and read reviews for the same.

You can know everything about a movie and its show rates and show time just sitting on your couch. What you need to do is just go to our web portal for Online Movie Ticket Booking System and register yourself and gain access to all the movie and theaters and many more features.

You can buy tickets just by selecting a movie and show timings. Also there is three classes for a movie theatre. Download Online Movie Booking System Online movie booking system is a web portal where you can book tickets in advanceknow your movie show timing, watch movie trailer and read reviews for the same.

There is no need to go to the movie theaters and wait for your turn to book movie tickets.

Online Cab/Taxi Booking/Rental Portal/Project/Website in with C#.Net and Sql Server

You can now just track everything about a movie just by clicking on to it. You can opt to Gold, Platinum or Box class to buy tickets. System users- 1. The Visitors or the Registered users 2. We have special concessions for kids aged between 3 to 12 years. Admin Admin is the main backbone for this portal. Admin is responsible for addingediting and editing a movie theater.

He will addedit and delete movies for each movie theaters. He will be responsible for adding, editing and deleting show time for movies.

Car Rental System

He can also view the number of users that are registered to the web portal. Online Movie Booking system features Login and Registration for users. View show time just by selecting your preferred date. Movie Reviews and ratings. Movie trailers. Payment Gateway needs to be added to this project. Admin dashboard. Add, delete and edit movie theaters. Add, delete and edit movies. Add, delete and edit shows and their rates for each classes. Other Projects.Under the guidance of Mr. Prasad J.

Swathi P. Asdataismaintainedelectronically,itseasyforapersonto updatethedetails,whichhasovercomethetedious updationsinprevioussystem. Heisresponsibleforthecreationand maintenanceoftheaccountstothe system. Adminisresponsibleforthecreationof differentkindofmanagers. Adminlooksafterthemaintenanceof theseaccounts. Hehasafeatureofgettingthepassword ofausername.

download online cab booking system project code report and ppt

HereHRisMainlyusedtoregisterthe employeesforthecabfacility,after registeringemployees,heisthepersonto makeshiftsandBatches. Themainfunctionalitiesofthismanager istoaddvehicles,driversandvendorsof thevehicles.

TheMaintenancemanagerisresponsible fortheSparepartsbilling,registeringthe vehicles,driverstothevehicles,mostly thevendordetailsanddateofpurchaseof vehicles. ThesedetailsprovideManagerwhether thecabsareprovidingprofitorloss. Maintenance Use Case Drier Details.

Vehicle Details Maintenance Manager. Movementmanagerisnotonlytocreate butalsoresponsibleforthemaintenance ofthedrivershiftdetails,routedetails ,tripsheetsandVehicleallocateddetails. Movement UseCase. Route search Movement Manager shift search. TheFeedbackpostedbyemployersgive thequalityandperformanceofthecabs, bythisresultmanagersgetachanceto improvetheperformanceofthe transportationtogetprofits.

Finance Use Case. Hecheckstheperformanceby maintainingthefeedbacksfromemployees andtheaccidentdetailsoftheCab. HereQualityAssuranceManageris responsibleforinsertingandmaintaining theAccidentdetails,bythisdetailshe requestsforthefinancemanagerto providetheAmounttothedamage.

download online cab booking system project code report and ppt

QAM Use Case. Butemployeesareunabletoview theirdetails. FutureImprovement Infutureourapplicationovercomethe flawsifoccurredandattainnewfeaturesoffered toemployeesfortheflexibleandeasy transportation.

Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents.Complete java web project Online Hotel Booking. With completely free source code. Create, Update and delete accountants detail after login. Can insert new hotel details. Can search All users and delete and update them.

Import MySQL database file. How to configure this java web application online hotel booking is your system. Please watch complete video for a better understanding. Could I get a source code of this online hotel booking system? But this link is not valid anymore, So please let me know the way to get a source-code of this file.

java web project (Online Hotel Booking)

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I am not providing any documentation for the project October 11, Reply. Anish Dey. There is no readme file in the new folder. Can u send that October 18, Reply.

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This project itself is an acknowledgement for all those who have given us their heart-felt-co-operation in making it a grand success. We are thankful to our principal, Prof. We are greatly indebted to, Head of Information Technology, Mr.

We are also thankful to the project coordinator, Mr. It is a pleasure to express our deep and sincere gratitude to the project Guide Mr, and are profoundly grateful towards the unmatched help rendered by him. Our special thanks to all the lectures of Information Technology, for their valuable advises at every stage of this work.

Restaurant Table Booking Android Application

Last but not the least; we would like to express our deep sense and earnest thanks giving to our dear parents for their moral support and heartfelt cooperation in doing the project. We would also like to thank our friends, whose direct or indirect help has enabled us to complete this work successfully. We have since placed scores of candidates from different skill sets, with varying levels of experience. Having established a reputation as a good placement organization, we are constantly approached by adept professionals, in pursuit of better opportunities, which helps us maintain an updated database of present and potential IT connoisseurs in demand home and abroad Datapoint endeavors to be a pioneer in Recruiting and manpower consulting thanks to strategic alliances with leading multinational companies in India and US of America.

Our technically competent, experienced, and certified consultants will help our clientele to get the right manpower at the right time. We take pride in having top-notch companies who make enable us to have faith in the future through maintaining high quality in screening, hiring and management. Datapoint has identified a number of areas of thrust in the emerging and ever growing IT industry and virtue of which, we would focus all our energies to get on to the fast track in the shortest possible period.

We pursue requirements from leading Corporate in India and abroad. Abstract 1. Objective: The main aim of this Movie World is online booking tickets for various movies in Registered theatres by the users. Problem Definition: Here details about Now playing movies and no of tickets available in a particular theatre for particular movie, Movie Details, ticket cost for registered users 3. Existing System: Present System developed in asp. In asp there are some limitations. Proposed System: Asp.

Admin 2. Booking tickets 3. Users 1 Admin: In this module administrator has to register the theatres assign movies to theatres, register users, 2. Booking tickets: In this details about booked tickets and tickets booking Admin can update and delete purchase, sales and other details. Users: In this users can see the showing movies and upcoming movies detailsticket booking and Registering as members. UML Diagrams iii.


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